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young cellists guide cello lessons in london notting hill

Welcome to Young Cellist's Guide, where learning music is

made easy and enjoyable! I'm an experienced teacher with a passion for helping

students excel. Over the past four years, I've had the pleasure of working with more

than 60 students.

I'm familiar with the ABRSM syllabus, a well-known approach to learning music.

It provides a structured way for students to develop their skills in areas like

technique, theory, reading music, and performing. 


In my teaching, I create a supportive and welcoming environment where you

can freely express yourself and explore your musical abilities. 

I'll provide you with personalized materials and lessons that suit your interests

and goals. Whether you enjoy classical music, modern tunes, or a mix of both,

I will tailor the lessons to match your preferences. We'll embark on an exciting musical

journey together, discovering new techniques and exploring different types of music.

During our lessons, I'll give you individual attention, offer helpful feedback, and design a curriculum

that helps you achieve your musical dreams. Whether you aspire to perform or simply play for your own enjoyment, I'll guide you towards reaching your full potential as a musician.

Thank you for visiting my page. 

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